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Evaluation of Skilful Parenting West Kenya
This document is the full report of the evaluation of the Skilful Parenting program by ICS as implemented in Kenya, and was carried out by Utrecht University, the Netherlands. The goal of the evaluation was to investigate the effectiveness of the skillful parenting program in its specific setting. The field work that was carried out for this evaluation took place in the areas of Busia and Kakamega County, West Kenya. Read or downloade the full report here: Learning under the Tree Evaluation of Skilful Parenting West Kenya

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DREAMS (IC) Project Baseline Survey in Siaya County, Kenya and Shinyanga Region, Tanzania. [UPDATED]


In order to achieve our vision of having a world in which every child grows up in a safe and nurturing family environment, we have developed and tested a number of tool kits, manuals, and guidelines. We use these materials to guide discussions and to train parents, caregivers, teachers, and service providers.

Here are some of our publications:

ICS Skilful Parenting facilitator Guide

This guide is used to train facilitators who work with parent peer groups. It carries the 5 modules of the skilful parenting program which are: Family relations, parental roles and responsibilities, self-esteem and self-care, values and discipline, and communication. Additional topic on fatherhood is also included.

County Child Protection Systems Guidelines

Developed by ICS, in collaboration with the government of Kenya, partners and donors, the guidelines are a reference document meant to guide different actors on how to coordinate efforts when implementing child protection interventions.

Family Budgeting Training manual

This manual supports families to manage their money. It has four modules; Financial First Aid Kit, Reducing debt burden, from emergencies to long-term savings, and Communication and responsibility.

Child Protection Toolkit

A publication of ICS, this toolkit, which is child-centered, is used to facilitate parent and caregivers training sessions on child abuse and neglect. Its two modules are: 1. Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect 2. Preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect.


Ending Child Marriage in Shinyanga, Tanzania; A FINAL REPORT