Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Every girl and woman has the right to live a life free of violence and pain yet millions of women and girls across the world forcefully undergo the painful and traumatic practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Let's stop FGM since it is violence against women.

The first step towards rooting out FGM is to allow girls to go to school. When given an opportunity to learn, girls will be empowered and knowledgeable on the negative implications of FGM hence being participants in their own protection against this vise. In our pursuit to end all forms of violence against children, we are committed to working collectively to eradicate female genital mutilation FGM as part of our broader efforts to combat all forms of violence against women and girls. We do this by training women and girls on matters of Adolescence and Reproductive health as we engage parents/caregivers on Skilful Parenting; a move that has greatly helped to impact morals in this population and to make them be in the front line in the fight against immoral cultural norms like FGM. 

We must boldly join the talk against FGM and create awareness about its damaging impacts with women, men, boys, and girls, as well as influential members of the community, such as traditional elders and religious leaders. To realize this goal, we are determined to continue working closely with each of these groups by training them on the specific skills that they need in order to speak out and influence others to the point that all communities will join hands in saying NO to FGM. The change that we yearn for starts with each one of us.