Day of The African Child (2018) Celebrations

Commemoration of the Day of the African Child depicts leaders understanding that children are players in their own protection. The day holds a special meaning in everyone's life due to the bravery it represents and since it echoes children’s increased understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Leaders in Kenya, Tanzania and Cote d'Ivoire among other African countries shelved their busy schedules to celebrate this year’s Day of the African Child while reemphasizing their commitment to improve the state of children’s well-being across the continent. The commitments were directly influenced by the theme of this year’s commemoration that called upon leaders and governments to “Leave no Child Behind for Africa’s Development.” 

The theme highlighted the need to mainstream children’s rights in all (Agenda 2030) developmental programmes while specifically targeting children who are not benefiting from Africa's growth and development. The underlying principle in this year's celebration was inclusive development for children that can only be achieved by ensuring that children are at the center-stage in the drive towards sustainable economic development.

At ICS-SP, we strongly believe that children are players in their own protection hence the need to give them an opportunity to participate in various development initiatives. Empowered children are capable of expressing themselves to ensure that they are not subjected to various forms of violence as evident in cases of child rights violations. Cases of child abuse, neglect and exploitation are complex in nature hence requiring actors' collaborative efforts to provide child friendly and sustainable preventive and responsive services for children. We work closely with governments and other development partners in Kenya, Tanzania and Côte d'Ivoire to enhance provision, access and delivery of these services. We call upon all families, communities, and other stakeholders to join us in the pursuit to create safe and nurturing family environments for children to reach their full potential.