Women; Drivers of Economic Growth

Women/mothers Who feel more competent, Who experience a more positive communication and relation with their spouses and children, Who participate in decision-making, Who are supported in household and care giving tasks  and Who live in communities where cultural and social norms that support gender inequality and violence are not tolerated can catalyze social and economic development. Women are often subjected to several threats like those imposed on them by archaic cultural believes, religion and tradition. We advocate for policies that can help strengthen their access to both formal and informal justice systems. The systems should operate in a manner that advances women’s equal rights and their participation in various development agenda.

For sustainable development to be realised, the society; now more than ever, needs growth-oriented and socially inclusive policies that mirror the thirst for equal opportunities for men and women. The struggles for greater prosperity, realization of functional democratic institutions and long-term peace have enhanced development in modern societies. However, failure to step up woman empowerment campaigns may lower development milestones. The modern world requires growth-oriented and socially inclusive policies that provide opportunities for progress. We advocate for a society whose policies are cooperative, inclusive and equity sensitive.

At ICS-SP we work with partners and local governments to mobilize, educate, and inspire mothers  and young  women to develop a higher sense of self-worth, gain knowledge on skilful parenting, HIV, violence protection and how to access basic services and economic opportunities. We understand that the days when women’s mobility was limited by sexual, physical and emotional violence and the perception that women must be confined to the home without the freedom to participation in processes of social and economic development are long gone. Our Skilful Parenting program focuses on the family as a unit to ensure that men and women are empowered and adequately informed on how to provide for and protect their families.

Join us today as we celebrate all these women who continue to make positive contributions at family and community level in areas where we work in Kenya, Tanzania and Ivory Coast.