ICS-SP wins Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prize

In recognition of ICS’ unique approach of combining evidence-based parenting training with its agricultural program designed for farming families in rural regions of East Africa, the Jacobs Foundation has rewarded the 2016 Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prize to ICS-SP. 

Since 2009, the Swiss Jacobs Foundation has been annually presenting two awards to organizations who have delivered outstanding achievements in research and practice in the field of child and youth development. In December 2016, the best practice prize was awarded to ICS-SP. ‘ICS-SP combines evidence-based parenting programs with agribusinesses in rural parts of Africa and has been chosen in recognition of its unique model, to serve as an example of best practice highly relevant for the broader area of child development in deprived rural contexts.’ 

The uniqueness of the Skilful Parenting program, in terms of approach and delivery model, was emphasized. Addressed and praised were the fact that Skilful Parenting recognizes the importance of parenting at all stages of child development and uses local perspectives on parenting and family which makes the program easily accessible and culturally suited. In combination with our agribusiness program, we see increased farmer productivity, improved family relations and more equal gender roles. 

The prize, besides representing a great honor in recognition of our work, is endowed with 200.000 Swiss Francs. This prize money will be used to further strengthen the evidence base and program design, and to seek new partnerships within the public and private sector to achieve our ambition of reaching 1 million parents and caregivers by 2020.


For extended information, please visit the website of the Jacobs Foundation.