PHOTOS: International Women's Day

During the International Women’s Day, we went out to connect with communities. These are the very people we empower though our programs. At ICS-SP, we recognize the relentless contributions of men and women towards the economy. We therefore advocate for a gender inclusive environment, that offers equal opportunities to men and women, boys and girls. Here are some of the moments we captured: Enjoy….

PHOTO 1: ICS-SP staff join teachers and students of Samuye Secondary School in
Shinyanga Tanzania pledging to step up campaign against violence.

PHOTO 2: ICS staff in Shinyanga Tanzania join the world to mark International Women's Day.

PHOTO 3: Samuye Secondary School teachers in Shinyanga Tanzania dispaly messsages during

the Inernational Women's Day.

PHOTO 4: ICS-SP staff in Shinyanga talking about how Skilful Parenting and EVAC Programs
empower the girl child and women