ICS empowering women with family budgeting skills

Raising children is not always easy, especially where one of the parents is missing due to natural causes like death or absconding of parental roles. Single mothers or fathers assume the roles of two parents. The responsibility of fending for the family becomes more complex in rural areas of developing countries, where poverty index is really high. But with Skilful Parenting, single parents are finding better approaches of countering challenges that come along with single parenthood.

Mother cum Father
Roselyn Wanzala has been a widow for more than ten years. As she narrates her story, the scars of her missing partner are evident. Her mud house is home to her children and grandchildren. Her firstborn daughter, though not married, already has two children. She paints a picture of a mother laced with the role a father. She is in charge of every aspect of her family.

Her encounter with ICS-SP was in early 2016, after what she refers to as ‘dark days’ of parenting. “The skills are helping me live with my children harmoniously. Today, I am able to counsel my kids. I provide for them; by meeting all their needs like food, clothing and paying school fees for their education,” explains Roselyn with one of her grandchildren playing on her lap.

As the rays of the sunset land on Roselyn through the wooden windows of her house, she is sandwiched with her descendants, of varying age. Some distract her throughout the interview, showing how close she is with her only source of companionship. Since she underwent Skilful Parenting training, Roselyn applies the knowledge in conflict resolution. “As a single parent, I use the knowledge to solve many problems and correcting my children.”

Optimistic about the future
For Roselyn, nothing can stand in her way as she pursues her quest to start a business. With a resilient spirit and positive self-esteem, she intends to start a business which would be a source of income for her growing family. “Although I have not started any business, I desire to do so in future so as to prosper in life. With the training, I am now able to budget and save something little as a result of the training” says Roselyn with a lot of hope within. During Skilful Parenting sessions, parents are trained on family budgeting, which is the last module. It aims at helping families address the challenge of managing family finances and rekindle entrepreneurial ideas.

How ICS-SP modules work
ICS-SP focuses on making the world a safer place for children to live and become what they want to be in future. With our Skilful Parenting program, we empower fathers, mothers and other caregivers in child-rearing. Based on the theory of planned behavior change, this program tested through seven different modules that address different spheres of life. Through trainings, parents are making a U-turn regarding parenting. Many feel empowered, ready to face the future with optimism.