The Power of empowerment and Family Budgeting

Many communities lag behind economically or socially because of lack of empowerment. They are stuck in poverty because they are clueless about making the most from what they possess. Some practice ‘backward culture’ which impact them negatively and haunt generations. But with skillful parenting, communities are seeing the light, appreciating education, ending violence against children, embracing family dialogue, and recognizing men and women, boys and girls as equals in the society.

Empowered women of Nanja Village in Tanzania
For ICS, the journey ahead remains challenging, with more communities yet to be reached. In 2008, when MPDI sensitized women at Nanja Village in Tanzania to form SACCOs, locals never conceived the idea as a true turning point for their lives. With this, women within the project working area were able to save and access credit services to better their lives. Agnes Leringa, a MPDI trainer who steered the establishment of the group explains: "I create awareness among women about micro credit; and I trained them about what it means and how the group will benefit them”.

Access to credit services made possible

Presently, Nanja women SACCOs have 76 women and are able to earn a living and receive loans to boost their businesses. Capital is the main challenge that the group confronts. Despite an upward surge in membership, the group’s capital stagnates at Tsh 3 million, limiting the number of beneficiaries at a time. “The knowledge and skills I gained has enabled me to use part of the profit gain to make sure that my four children are going to school,” says Sinyati Labikie a member of the group. The mother of four now enjoys the bundles of joy that come with ICS skillful parenting. For Labikie, a skillful parenting community facilitator trained by MPDI in 2011, life has never been the same.

“I wish one day to be able to feed my children three meals”

With ICS imparted skills, families are able to meet their needs even though they are yet to reach their targets. “I joined the SACCOs, I could only feed my family one meal a day and that was not assured. Now, I am assured to feed my family two meals a day. I wish one day to be able to feed them three meals.” Labikie, optimistic about the growing impact of skillful parenting agrees that a lot needs to be done to reach more people, notwithstanding the evident fruits of trainings. This, undoubtedly will make future generations more self-reliant.

In addressing issues related to successful parenting and child protection that target ending violence against children, ICS works with communities through dialogues, debates and awareness sessions. These platforms engage parents, children, CBOs, FBOs, like-minded organizations and the line ministries like MOH, MOE, Min Gender, culture and social services.