Skilful Parenting, a journey in progress

The world is in dire need of Skilful Parenting. Model parents remain scarce. Ending violence against children still is a big challenge. Children in families are running away from hostile parents. Some are sexually abused by their close family members. For victims of such inhumane acts, the world is no longer safe.

They feel vulnerable, and indeed they are. They are exposed to real danger and live at the mercies of a ruthless environment, called home. They long for love and care. They want a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and reassurance that they got a future. Throughout this journey of skilful parenting, ICS continues to touch lives and share a piece of life with communities in the rural areas of Western Kenya and Arusha in Northern Tanzania.

Every year more parents are reached with Skilful Parenting
In collaboration with like-minded organizations, governments, groups and even individuals, hope is alive. Happiness in families is no longer a mirage. Men from communities where male chauvinism is rife now value their women. Annually, ICS reaches thousands of parents through training on skilful parenting. Community facilitators, staff, and community-based organizations provide these trainings. Because of these trainings, parents are now able to care for their children, relationships have improved at home, and family meetings are the norms allowing effective communication between parents and children.

Fathers openly sharing ‘father issues’
Fatherhood parleys now provide a platform where men also can share out their ‘father issues’ and learn from others how to relate at home with their wives and children to become better parents. Fatherhood for most men is now becoming a major achievement in the communities.